Thursday, January 3, 2013


Thinking about modeling two or three different species of skulltula. I've been a huge Zelda fan forever, and thought it would be really fun to redesign a creature from the series. I also didn't want to redesign a character that is a huge part of the story either (Goron, Ganon, etc) so I thought the skulltula was both iconic for the series and not too common in the fan art world. 

A skulltula from the Ocarina of Time era was mainly just a spider with a huge skull as an abdomen. What I have in mind for these guys is to take that idea and make it a little more "realistic" and grotesque. I want the skull to be somewhat in a sense, erupting from the abdomen area. So the skull would be coming out of the spider's abdomen itself and be partially hidden, somewhat like a siamese twin or a growth on the spider. This guy right here is a jumping spider species of skulltula and I'm contemplating doing a more bulbous spider species as well as a daddy long legs design. Redesign/grotesque features were thought of and sketched by me; actual skulltula name and original design belongs to Nintendo.

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Ani Dyakov said...

I just wanted to say that I'm a huge Zelda fan as well, and your work is awesome :)