Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Product Visualization

This one was a lot easier than I had anticipated. Let's move on to something more complicated shall we! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Product Visualization

Wanted to do some product modeling to show that I can model realistic objects. Somewhat of a simple shape, but the labels proved to be challenging in the least. Also learned better rendering techniques. The magazine holders are white and the labels are a metallic silver. This all white rendering looks so cool!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I have told myself that I am uploading and showing my progress and models on a more frequent basis from here on out. One of those trendy New Year's resolutions! Also, I believe that by doing this I will improve faster and develop better management skills. Let's get more models cranked out than last year!

Eye sockets have been marked, leg masses have been started, and the fangs are being shaped as well.


Thinking about modeling two or three different species of skulltula. I've been a huge Zelda fan forever, and thought it would be really fun to redesign a creature from the series. I also didn't want to redesign a character that is a huge part of the story either (Goron, Ganon, etc) so I thought the skulltula was both iconic for the series and not too common in the fan art world. 

A skulltula from the Ocarina of Time era was mainly just a spider with a huge skull as an abdomen. What I have in mind for these guys is to take that idea and make it a little more "realistic" and grotesque. I want the skull to be somewhat in a sense, erupting from the abdomen area. So the skull would be coming out of the spider's abdomen itself and be partially hidden, somewhat like a siamese twin or a growth on the spider. This guy right here is a jumping spider species of skulltula and I'm contemplating doing a more bulbous spider species as well as a daddy long legs design. Redesign/grotesque features were thought of and sketched by me; actual skulltula name and original design belongs to Nintendo.