Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pool Noodles

I finally figured it out! To the point where I developed a system I go by now. I can now move on to more complicated objects. These are so bright and fun! I'm also really enjoying the low poly trend I have going on at the moment. Might just throw these into the portfolio for low poly examples.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pool Noodles

Determined to teach myself how to texture! I decided it was best to learn how to texture simple objects and then work my way up in terms of complexity. I'm very pleased with the noodle models themselves, however, I am not completely happy with the texture. I made a custom pattern in Photoshop from an actual pool noodle and this is what came of it. I'm happy with the pattern/texture itself, but I want it to appear smaller on my model, so it doesn't look like a giant porous sponge. I want the actual foam to look smaller and more compact if that makes sense. Off to go look for more tutorials on how to do so!

Happy Birthday is officially one year old today!
May this site have many more to come!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Test Texture

So I'm teaching myself how to texture. This was done using just a simple planar map technique without unfolding the actual geometry. I did this not only because it was supposed to be a simple texture, but also to take small steps in this process. I do plan on re-mapping this as well as adding a little more detail so it doesn't look as flat. I'm getting this texturing thing down!